Showing taxonomy description in Taxonomy term view in Drupal 7

Now that took some time to solve. When viewing taxonomy term in Drupal 7, by default both term description and all matching nodes are shown. However as soon as you enable “Taxonomy term” view (in views 7.x-3.3 in my case), the description is gone. Getting it back is not very straightforward, but fortunately doable without any custom PHP code.

The answer was found here although it’s even simpler than rt_davies posted:

  1. Create a new view:
    • Name: Taxonomy description (or whatever you like)
    • Description: A view to display taxonomy description in taxonomy term view (if you want)
    • Show: Taxonomy terms
    • Click Continue & Edit
    • Fields > Add: Taxonomy term: Term description (feel free to remove Taxonomy term: Name, if you like)
    • Advanced > Contextual filters > Add: Taxonomy term: Term ID
  2. Edit the existing Taxonomy term view:
    • Header > Add: Global: View area
      • View to insert: View: taxonomy_description – Display: default
      • Inherit contextual filters: check
    • Click Save (to save updated Taxonomy term view)