Zen Cart vs osCommerce

Obviously we should have looked at SourceForge statistics before deciding which software to use instead of basing my decision exclusively on Google page count so here we go:

Zen Cart

  • Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable
  • Developers: 5
  • Activity Percentile (last week): 99.85
  • Latest Release: August 21, 2005
  • Google Hits: 2,110,000


  • Development Status: 4 - Beta
  • Developers: 3
  • Activity Percentile (last week): 92.80
  • Latest Release: July 12, 2003
  • Google Hits: 13,500,000

Initially, based on pure Google hit count I decided to try osCommerce first, however after having lots of troubles with PHP5 and internationalization and also checking out SourceForge statistics I decided to abandon osCommerce in favor of Zen Cart. In addition, Zen Cart seems to be actively developed unlike osCommerce, whose development seems to be completely frozen right now.