JBuilder is not dead

Borland posted JBuilder roadmap outlining future development of JBuilder including previously announced JBuilder 2007 codenamed “Peloton”. It is expected to be released in Q4 of 2006 and will be based on Eclipse for its core IDE features. Features will include:

  • Support for new Java standards including Java SE 6 and the latest JSRs
  • Visual GUI development for Swing and SWT
  • Certified Eclipse bundle, updated regularly with the latest plug-ins
  • Visual Web Services development using a familiar GUI, full round-trip development of web services and web service clients
  • Virtual Peer-to-Peer Collaboration allowing distributed teams to work together with live co-editing and co-debugging (first introduced for JBuilder 2006 as a separate product)

For more information check the full product roadmap at Borland’s web site.