Fedora Legacy Shutdown

Fedora Legacy project announced shutdown on February 9th, 2007. It is definitely bad news for Fedora unless Fedora people understand what they do and do this on purpose. They just dropped Server spin from Fedora 7 release and now there is no way to get security updates beyond 18 month period for older Fedora releases.

We have several servers running Fedora and this means that now we must be thinking about either upgrading them to the most recent release of Fedora every 18 months or consider changing the Linux distribution we rely on. An upgrade every 18 months may not sound that bad for a workstation, but for a fully configured server it is definitely a hassle, taking into account many issues that can arise.

I do hope Fedora guys reconsider their support policy for maintenance distributions. However it is quite possible that Red Hat endorsed Fedora Legacy shutdown to drive more people toward Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in which case the chances for reconsideration are quite low.